Welcome to Andromeda Mobile

We create compelling and entertaining mobile services that are used by thousands of happy customers daily. With over ten years experience in mobile strategy, product design and marketing we’ve gained immense insight the dynamic and exciting medium of mobile.

Recent Projects

  • Flirtopia

    The hottest mobile dating site in South Africa with over 350,000 members

  • Art of Dating

    Art of Dating is a combined web & mobile service that aims to empower men in their interactions with women

  • Gridstar

    South Africa’s 1st mobile talent competition done in conjunction with Vodacom and Idols

  • iSangoma

    The iSangoma mobile spell will bring you good fortune and protect you from curses and evil spells.

 Product Design

From conception to delivery, the product design team ensure that we always push the envelope to deliver a top notch service.

 Product Development

Our experienced team of developers ensure that product designs are translated into effective services that run optimally on all handsets.

 Mobile Content

We strive to provide our customers with unique, quality content that is custom designed for mobiles.

 Mobile Marketing

Considered to be one of our speciality areas, we handle all our own marketing and achieve some of the top CTR’s and CPA’s in our markets.

  Mobile Analytics

We track every aspect of both our sales funnel and member services so that we are able to constantly revise and refine our services.

 Customer Service

Our helpdesk are always at hand to ensure that customer remain in our top priority and are always satisfied with the outcome of any issue they may have.

Proud member of WASPA